Rental Discounting

If you own a commercial property in any prominent locality, or a house rented to reputed personnel, institutions, embassies or you have lease income from your vehicles/machineries etc enjoy the benefit of future rentals today itself. We are at your assistance for offering loan against rent receivables.

  • Up to 90% of Discounted Value of receivables

  • Loan amount will not be more than 80% of value of the assets.

  • Period of loan will be fixed based on unexpired period of lease agreement (Maximum 3 years).

  • Repayment by monthly/quarterly/half yearly /yearly installments according to the rental receivable date.

  • High end cars and heavy machinery dealers, who rented the cars and machinaries to reputed lessees.
  • Individuals or companies who has given apartments, office buildings, houses etc. on lease to reputed tenants.
  • Assignment of future rent receivables.
  • Mortgage / hypothecation of assets leased
a) Documents for Borrower & Guarantor
  • Application form
  • NRC Copy – Original to verify.
  • Recent Passport Size Photo
  • Copy of Household Registration Letter
  • Recommendation letter from Head of Quarter
b) Copy of lease agreement and details of assets leased.

c) Domiciliation letter from lessee agreeing to pay future rental to uab bank account of the borrower
Interest rate 10.00% p.a
Early Repayment fees 3.00% on prepaid amount ( if paid during the first 2 years of loan period )
2.00% on prepaid amount ( if paid during the third year of loan period )
1.00% on prepaid amount ( if paid after 3 years of loan period )