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National University of Arts and Culture (Yangon) Unite in Artistry for the 2024 Calendar -

Art is Love – “The more I think about it, the more I realise there is nothing more artistic than to love others” Vincent van Gogh
uab bank is thrilled to announce an inspiring collaboration with the National University of Arts and Culture (Yangon) for the launch of our 2024 Calendar. Under the theme “Art is Love,” this initiative is not just a celebration of Myanmar’s landmarks but a powerful expression of support for young artists. This endeavor stands as a cornerstone of our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment.
Showcasing Myanmar's Beauty and uab's Reach:
The 2024 Calendar features 12 iconic landmarks of Myanmar, each representing a location where uab bank’s branches are providing banking services. Captured through the artistic lens of NUAC students, these landmarks become a canvas, reflecting the rich tapestry of our nation’s heritage and uab’s presence.
Empowering Young and Female Artists:
The heart of this collaboration lies in our dedication to supporting emerging talents. NUAC artists will have their paintings prominently featured in the calendar, providing a platform for their voices to be heard.
Biographies Behind the Brushstrokes:
Explore the stories behind the art with personal biographies of the talented artists. Gain insights into their inspirations, journeys, and the narratives that breathe life into their creations.
Poetry in Paint:
In a unique partnership with Poetic, and with the invaluable contribution of the renowned poet Chaw Na Kyal, each painting will be accompanied by poetic interpretations. Chaw Na Kyal’s expertise in capturing the essence of emotions will add a distinctive layer of depth to the collaboration between visual art and poetry, inviting viewers to experience the art in a multi-dimensional way. His ability to infuse love and a profound understanding of the artistic expressions ensures that the poems resonate with the true essence of each piece, allowing art enthusiasts to feel a deeper connection with the creations.
uab's Commitment:
uab’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility comes to life through this collaboration. By actively supporting young and female artists, we contribute to the flourishing artistic community of Myanmar.
Your Engagement Journey:
Explore the Calendar:
Immerse yourself in the beauty of Myanmar’s landmarks as interpreted by NUAC artists, each corresponding to a location where uab bank serves its community.
Meet the Artists:
Connect with the creators behind the artworks. Their biographies offer a personal touch to the vibrant creations.
Feel the Poetry:
Experience the synergy of art and poetry with thoughtful interpretations by Poetic, enhancing the emotional resonance of each piece.
Join Us in Celebrating Creativity and Connectivity:
At uab bank, we invite you to join us in celebrating the artistic brilliance of Myanmar, the cultural richness of our landmarks, fostering the growth of talented individuals, and creating connections that go beyond the ordinary. Together, let’s make art an integral part of our shared journey.
uab bank | Connecting Youth, Artists, and Banking Brilliance
Where art meets poetry, and youth paints the future – Join uab Bank and NUAC in the harmonious celebration of creativity and connectivity. ‘Harmony’s Canvas: A Symphony of Art, Poetry, and Connectivity in the 2024 Calendar.
Mr Christopher Loh, MD and CEO of uab bank said
I am delighted to share an exciting collaboration unfolding in 2024 between uab and the National University of Arts and Culture (Yangon). This partnership represents a beautiful fusion of art, culture, and community spirit.
At uab, our commitment extends to nurturing creativity and supporting initiatives that empower the emerging talents of tomorrow. In 2024, we proudly join forces with NUAC, providing a platform for emerging artists, with a special focus on empowering youth and showcasing the brilliance of youth & female artists.
Our collaboration transcends the realm of art; it underscores our dedication to diversity and inclusion, creating spaces where every artist, regardless of age or gender, feels seen, heard, and valued.
Stay tuned for exciting developments as our landmarks transform into canvases, bringing art into our daily experiences. By intertwining finance and culture, we aim to cultivate an environment where creativity flourishes, and the artists of tomorrow find inspiration in the spaces where they explore their passions.
This announcement reflects our unwavering commitment to building a more vibrant and culturally rich community. Discover the artistry gracing our landmarks, championing the incredible talents of our youth and female artists.
Thank you for being part of this thrilling journey at uab.
Daw Khin Htet Wai
Second Head of Department, Lecturer (Painting Department), NUAC (Yangon) said
uab bank’s generous offer to showcase the self-created artworks of NUAC (Ygn) art students in their 2024 calendar fills us with immense pride and joy. This artistic endeavor serves as a vibrant wellspring of inspiration for the emerging generation of artists, destined to enrich the future pursuits of the community through their expressive talents, involving 12 students.
Having had the privilege to participate, I acknowledge the significance of uab bank’s dedication to nurturing the future of young talents and championing women’s rights. The 2024 calendar project is a remarkable initiative designed to spark the interests of the youth, and I am genuinely thrilled to have played a role in this collaboration.
My heartfelt gratitude goes to uab bank and the devoted young art students at NUAC (Ygn) who poured their efforts into bringing this project to life. The fundamental goal of this artistic initiative resonates deeply with me, and I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute. I am confident that the partnership between uab and NUAC (Ygn) will add a touch of aesthetic splendor and cultural enrichment to the public’s experience in 2024.