Personal Loan

Hassle free Personal Loan for salaried individuals, with minimum monthly salary of MMK 250,000 & individuals with permanent source of income.

uab Personal Loans are offered at selected locations in Yangon & Mandalay. Attractive rate of interest, faster processing time and minimal paperwork. uab bank Personal Loan is the right choice for your instant needs.

  • Repayment period up to 3 years with monthly installments.

  • Maximum Loan amount MMK 10 million.

a) Permanent employees, with completion of minimum 2 years service in the following institutions:
  •  Government / Semi-Government institutions
  • Central Bank and other Banks in Myanmar
  • JV Companies / Foreign Companies
  • Other reputed Companies in Myanmar
  • Government schools/colleges
  • Reputed private schools /colleges

b) Individuals having other source of income such as; business, self employed, doctors, lawyers, consultants , etc.

c) Maximum 10 months gross salary/income subject to maximum loan amount of MMK 10 million
a) Personal Guarantee of two colleagues or persons having sufficient income to justify their guarantee.

b) Documents for Borrower & Guarantor
  • Application form
  • NRC Copy – Original to verify
  • Recent Passport Size Photo
  • Copy of Household Registration Letter
  • Recommendation letter from Head of Quarter

c) Income proof – If employed
  • Bank statement for 3 months
  • Certificate from Employer
  • Pay Slip ( not required , if salary is credited to bank account )
  • Copy of Tax Book

d) Income proof – If self employed / Business
  • Bank Statement for 6 months
  • Business License/ Company Registration
  • DICA extract showing shareholder details
  • Previous Year Tax Receipt
  • Site visit by bank staff and assessment of business activity
Interest Rate 14.50% p.a unsecured
10.00% p.a secured
Early Repayment fees 3.00% on prepaid amount (if paid during the first 2 years of loan period)
2.00% on prepaid amount (if paid during the third year of loan period)
1.00% on prepaid amount (if paid after 3 years of loan period)