Education Loan

Fuel your dreams for professional or technical education in Myanmar or abroad with the uab Education Loan. Education is indeed a basic need like food, clothing and shelter. uab bank provides various kind of education loans for studying in Myanmar as well as abroad.

  • Finance up to 80% of cost of study in reputed Universities and Educational institutions in Myanmar and overseas.
  • Loan will be disbursed on stage wise, whenever an invoice from the college/University is received.
  • For hostel / accommodation expenses, amount may be disbursed on yearly basis to borrowers’ account.
  • Repayment shall be in 5 years after completion of course plus 1 year from the date of  final result or 6 months from the date of employment, whichever is earlier.

Students with an excellent academic records, who has secured admission in the reputed Universities/Institutions in Myanmar and/or in the renowned foreign Universities/Institutions.

  • Student along with Father & Mother as joint borrower

  • If Father and/or Mother is not alive, another relative should be a joint borrower

Requirement of security may be decided based on the quality of the course, educational background of the applicant and chance of getting high paid jobs.

At the time of application of loan, following documents should be submitted along with loan application forms and other KYC documents

a) Copy of marksheet and certificates of the immediate degree achieved

b) Detail fee structure issued by the college/university, and other eligible expenses, and mode and frequency of payment

c) Details about the university / college, where the student is going for study

d) Any other relevant documents to prove the qualification and involvement in other extra curricular activities

Interest Rate 14.50% p.a unsecured
10.00% p.a secured
Early Repayment fees 3.00% on prepaid amount (if paid during the first 2 years of loan period)
2.00% on prepaid amount (if paid during the third year of loan period )
1.00% on prepaid amount (if paid after 3 years of loan period )