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Stakeholder Engagement Map

Who do we engage with? How we engage? Frequency Engagement Topics Responsibility
Shareholders Emails, letters, media, website, meetings Quarterly and on need basis Financial results, shareholder returns and dividends, bank strategy, issues related to shares’ issue, transfer and dividend payouts. Legal and Secretarial Team
Customers and Clients One-to-one interactions, surveys, Call Center, social media, website Ongoing and need based Customer service quality, investment returns, product features and benefits, technology interface for banking experience Relationship Managers, Branch Staff, Head Office Staff
Employees E-mails, town halls, employee engagement, employee grievance cell, employee satisfaction surveys, employee volunteering initiatives On-going and need based Company policies and procedures, employee welfare issues, performance appraisal and rewards, training and career development, workplace health, safety and security, community development and employee volunteering Human Resources Team, Heads of Department, Branch Managers
Government and Regulators Company regulatory filings, compliance statements, meetings, letters, emails As per regulatory requirements and need based License request and renewals, compliance to regulatory requirements, participation in government financial sector plans and programmes Compliance Team, Finance Team, Cross functional Team
Vendors Meetings, emails, letters, vendors, performance reviews On-going and need based Product/Service quality and support, contract terms and conditions, minimum wage payments, vendors’ statutory compliances Respective Departments dealing with vendors, Commercial and Procurements
Communities and NGOs Community development initiatives, proposals and requests for new initiatives/ funding Need based Community needs, financial/infrastructure/ human/organisational support Corporate Branding and Communications
Media Press Conference, Advertising, media interactions/ interviews/responses, meetings, emails On-going and need based Marketing and advertising agenda, information disclosure through media, viewpoints on industry and company related opportunities and issues Marketing team, Corporate Communications Team


We regularly work with our vendors/suppliers to ensure that they comply with contractual requirements and that vendors/suppliers also comply with local regulations and environmental laws while doing business with us.

The information in our Vendor Code of Conduct will help define our prospective supplier requirements. If you are a prospective supplier be sure to go through and communicate your company’s unique value proposition to us.
You may download our Vendor Code of Conduct here: