Sustainabilityနည်းဗျူဟာStakeholder/ Memberships


The importance of the partnership to address the challenges we face can not be emphasized more. To address the challenges, it requires participation and commitment of stakeholders across the various spectrum of industries.

We use membership forums and other forums to build on our knowledge of how best we can contribute towards counteracting climate change and achieving sustainable development goals.

This forum helps the commercials banks to discuss issues related to sustainability and how best to collaborate and address them.

The Myanmar Economic Forum is a Yangon based “think tank”, which provides platform for local and global stakeholders to meet and discuss ideas and solutions for long term sustainable economic development and advancement of Myanmar.

UMFCCI supports the business communities by sharing knowledge, expertise and opportunities. UMFCCI provides services such as human resource development training, trade information, business facilitation, business matching and consultancy, trade fairs, seminars, workshops, forum and study tours.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar acts a voice of American business in Myanmar. It provides access to industry specific networking opportunities, education, industry insights, exclusive events and government advocacy efforts.

CCI France Myanmar is the French Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry strengthening economic relations between France and Myanmar and offering a wide range of services to support the economic development of 160 members in Myanmar. It provides business events and training, industry-specific networking opportunities, and industry insight to their members and business affiliates.