FAQ for Transaction Banking

uab Next Gen Supply Chain Financing (SCF) is web-based supply chain financing platform which is the solution for the companies who want to optimize working capital and reduce operating cost for their businesses.

uab bank will help buyer to manage all the payments to the suppliers via a user-friendly online platform.

DPN is digital promissory note which uab bank will prove to suppliers.

Payables Finance. Also commonly known as Approved Payables Finance and Reverse Factoring. The bank is financing the suppliers for the credit term that the suppliers provide to the buyer.

Buyers can upload thier approved invoices on the platform (up to the approved SCF limit as per agreement with the bank). Suppliers will get DPN and can cash out on due date or able to make early encasement.

Buyers can repay uab on due date or can extend credit term with reasonable interest rate. 

As soon as buyer gets the facility limit approval from uab, buyer can start uploading their invoices on Kashtec platform and able to make payable process to their suppliers. Buyer can repay uab on due date or extend credit term up to 30 days which means that financial relieve by using SCF facility.

As soon as the supplier receives uab DPN (Digital promissory note), suppliers can be able to cash out on payment due date which means that avoiding the late payment situation from buyers.  Suppliers can also be able to make early encashment before due date with reasonable rate. 

To apply SCF facility, the processes are very simple, 

Step 1 – open uab bank account 
Step 2 – Apply SCF facility with required documents
Step 3 – Enter SCF agreement with uab and onboard the system
Step-4- System awareness trainings to both buyer and supplier assign team.