Media Release

uab bank celebrates its 13th Anniversary with Rice Donations nationwide.

Yangon, 16th Aug 2023 –  uab bank recognised as Myanmar’s Best Bank 2022 by Euromoney and Best Bank 2023 by Global Finance proudly today celebrated its 13th Anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, the bank has undertaken a compassionate endeavor – a Rice Donation Campaign aimed at providing vital support to families across the nation.

The campaign, which commenced on August 11, 2023, in Bago to aid flood victims with bags of rice, then expanded its reach to approximately 90 locations across Myanmar as of August 13, 2023. This concerted effort has benefited thousands of families, showcasing uab bank’s dedication to uplifting communities in times of need. On August 16, 2023, the campaign came full circle as 600 uab bank staff gathered at Times City in Yangon, making a substantial contribution to the needy in the Kamayut Township community.

In Myanmar, rice holds a cherished place as a staple food that nourishes countless households. Committed to making a difference, uab bank has committed to donating a total of 40,000 rice bags throughout its 13th Anniversary celebration period. This gesture has brought a profound sense of purpose to uabians, who united in solidarity to distribute rice bags and essential sustenance to those residing near their workplaces

Reflecting on the significance of this initiative, uab bank’s CEO, Christopher Loh, expressed, “As we commemorate our 13th anniversary, the annual Rice Donation Campaign reflects our unwavering commitment to directly impact the lives of people and strengthen local communities. At uab bank, our mission transcends financial services; we aspire to instigate positive change, empower communities, and embody the essence of compassion.”

Christopher Loh added, “uab bank’s journey over the past 13 years has been made possible through the unwavering support and trust of our esteemed customers, dedicated employees, and the communities we serve. It is therefore our privilege to reciprocate this support back to the community.”

As uab bank advances into the future, its pledge to create meaningful transformations within local communities remains steadfast, guiding its endeavors and exemplifying its commitment to “Leading Change and Humanising Banking.”