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Other Services


Cost-efficient, convenient and cashless way to make hassle-free payments to billing organisations through your  bank account. 

A growing number of billers are beginning to arrange with uab to facilitate payments for their subscribers.

Apart from giving a standing instructions to any of our branches to make bill payments, you may wish to also use the facilities on the uab mobile and uab online platform to pay your bills.

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Save time & money by paying your employees through uab Payroll Account and reduce the complexity. 

Employees will be provided with a Savings or e-Savers account together with Debit Cards, uab Mobile or uab Online facilities for convenience of performing their transactions. 

With uab SMS Alerts Service, you can keep track of your transactions 24/7 and receive real-time SMS updates for transactions. 

You may subscribe for SMS alerts for deposits or withdrawal transactions or for both.