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Current Account

Current Account is the ideal day-to-day transactional account for individuals or companies; providing you with flexibility by making your transactions simple and efficient. Multicurrency accounts are available in the following currencies:

  • MMK
  • USD
  • EUR
  • SGD

Apart from over-the-counter facilities at our branches, access to current accounts is available through ATMs, internet and mobile banking. 

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Call Deposits

Call Deposit Account offers competitive interest rates on your daily deposit balance. This Account is particularly suitable for businesses and individuals that have frequent turnover in their bank accounts. Accounts can be accessed through the internet and mobile through our digital suite and this combination offers an excellent tool for business Cash Management.

Fixed Deposits

Enjoy higher returns with a uab Fixed Deposit Account when you place your deposit for a fixed period of time. We offer Fixed Deposit Accounts both in MMK and USD and placements can be flexibily made for fixed terms ranging from 30 days up to 365 days For rates and their respective tenors, please refer to “Deposit Interest rates”.

Savings Plan

A Savings Plan enables you to build your savings through a plan of fixed monthly contributions over period of time.
uab has Savings Plans available both for children and adults and monthly contributions  can be automated through subscribing to a Standing Instruction which will automatically 

transfer funds on a targeted day of the month from your normal accounts into the Savings Plan Account.
Bonuses are paid to reward those who make  their installment contributions on time. For rate and bonuses, please refer to “Deposit Interest rates”.

Deposit Interest rates

Deposit Product Interest Rate
Savings Account*  
  • Basic Savings
6.00% pa
  • Children's Savings
6.00% pa
  • e-Saving
6.00% pa
  • Smart Saver
Up to MMK 500,000 6.00% pa
  MMK 500,000 to 10,000,000 6.10% pa
  MMK 10,000,000 to 50,000,000 6.25% pa
  Above MMK 50,000,000 6.35% pa
Call Account** Up to MMK 10,000,000 Nil
  Above MMK 10,000,000 5.00% pa
Saving Plan*

6.00% pa
1st year bonus +1%
2nd year bonus +1.5%
3rd year bonus +1.5%

Bonus is subject to regular payment of installments within the prescribed period

Fixed Deposit Account  
30 days 6.50% pa
60 days 6.50% pa
90 days 6.75% pa
120 days 6.75% pa
150 days 6.75% pa
180 days 7.00% pa
210 days 7.00% pa
240 days 7.00% pa
270 days 7.00% pa
300 days 7.00% pa
330 days 7.00% pa
365 days 7.25% pa

*   Monthly Interest is calculated on the lowest closing balance from 5th day of the month, to thelast day of the month. Accrued interest is credited to the Account at quarterly intervals in March,June, September and December.

** Interest based on daily balance in the account and interest is credited into the account at quarterly intervals in March, June, September and December

Tariff and charges 

We ensure that tariff charges for our Customers are reasonable and you may view details on our Tariff Sheet at the link below.


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Enquiries and Call Center

All deposit products are available at all uab Branches and for assistance, please do not hesitate to approach any Branch.For enquiries, you may also contact uab Call Center at 01 860 3305