Exchange Rate 2 Jun-2020USD : Buy 1394, Sell 1402 EUR Buy 1457, Sell 1477 SGD : Buy 962, Sell 977



uab is committed to providing a full range of business banking solutions and services for Corporates, aiming to be a key solution partner to business in Myanmar. Personalized and long-term relationships are the key to how we conduct Corporate Banking and customers are assigned dedicated Relationship Managers who will serve them through the different life-stages of their business.We aim to grow with our Customers, some of whom we believe will even prosper globally.

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We provide the services and expertise that SME businesses need to thrive. With our branches conveniently placed in key business locations, we provide SMEs with convenience and access to essential banking services ranging from deposit account services, fund transfers and loans. JICA 2-step loans are available for eligible SMEs with lower interest charges and uab Call Deposits offer interest earned on daily deposit balances.

uab, being one of the best Trade Finance banks in Myanmar is committed to provide tailored financing options.

UAB Securities Limited, was established in 2016 as an affiliate of uab bank and is one of the first investment houses to be granted a license by the Securities and Exchange Commission